Fear of Succeeding

There was a time in my life where I was extremely self critical and I believe it when every one told me and treated me like I wasn’t enough. I had a “friend” so called friend who was very efficient at confirming all my self doubt and limiting beliefs. I have since let that friendship go, because I know now that I deserve so much more than that. But I would make friends and acquaintances like that because of fear, my personal fear of how truly powerful I am.

We all have this innate power with in us to overcome even the most pungent doubt. It’s about tapping into that power by believing a new story about ourselves and disproving the other false stories.

The subconscious mind has a way of feeding us our old story when we set out to improve ourselves. It’s not a bad thing it’s our built in mechanism of self preservation. That’s why in alot of self help literature people often tell you to do the things that scare you the most. But the more you do it the less you will fear it, this is how to dis prove your old beliefs. You published your first blog you didn’t die, as a matter of fact it felt amazing. You’ve just disproved you fear of sharing your thoughts and writings!

This is the power I speak of the power to believe in yourself, to not think so poorly of yourself but to see and appreciate and also give credit to yourself for all that you have accomplished.

As someone who once had such low self esteem, I now see that I can do anything I put my mind to and I am worth it. What helped me reach this point was a slist I wrote where I listed out all the things I care about and all the things I didn’t give a care about any more. One of those things on my list of don’t cares was what others think of me.

One thing you can never do is control what others think of you. I still struggle with trying to make myself someone that no one has something to say about but I realize more and more everyday that you cannot please everyone no matter how pleasing you try to be. There will always be someone who scoffs at your success but look at it this way if someone is scoffing at your success it means you are doing something right.

Scoffers are often just people who would have liked to be where you are. How much more would this world improve if we all celebrated each other’s success? What’s empowering is when we celebrate others successes, because in turn we become successful.

This is the thing that I came to realize in that so called friend, that made me see that I had to let her got. Being a friend who celebrates your friends successes is a rare gem. But it is so important and crucial to a healthy relationship.

I now celebrate my own successes. I’m not afraid to say it. I still have miles to go to improving on my self discovery I believe it will be a life long road, but it is far more lovely then the road of self doubt.

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