Mindful Moments

Brought to you courtesy of the Headspace app for guided meditation.

Everyday my Headspace app gives me quotes that are very inspiring and motivates me to be more mindful in every moment of my day. So, I thought I would share some here.

“Pay attention to the stress and know when to take a step back, pause, and breathe…

You got this!”

Stress is apart of our daily lives. Life completely stress free is something we can only dream of. Much like anything else in life it’s all in how we deal with it.

We can look at it as a trigger to remind us the slow down a bit, reassess why we feel this way, let go of the negative thoughts that don’t serve us, and remember to breathe.

I have heard it said before that the one most important thing we always forget to do when we are in distress is to breathe.

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