Suffer with more Compassion

In my last post I touched lightly on the consept of suffering with compassion. This phrase to me is so deep I remember someone once telling me that they reached a point in there life where not having alot of money was ok with them, almost, they would rather live that way. But, it is... Continue Reading →

Day 30 Celebrate!

So we have come to the end of the challenge today, instead of another assignment or task. Let me assign myself to a big old pat in the back. It truly is so important to acknowledge and stand in your great. When you have set out to do something and you did it you completed... Continue Reading →

Day 27 Practise Being Present

Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, really delves into the life changing effects of being present. He takes the reader on the journey of his life only briefly. Because, as he put it to dwell in the past is to dishonor the Now. One thing that really stuck with me about his... Continue Reading →

Day 22 Cull Your Goals

Goal setting for me, used to be sort of a enemy of mine. If I wanted to do something, I wouldn't even be able to call it a goal. For some reason as soon as I identified this particular thing I was working toward as a goal. The goal monsters would come out, the goal... Continue Reading →

Day 16 Figure Out What Lights You Up.

What brings you great joy? Today is the beginning of the decluttering you brain or mental space. It would be a great idea to get a specific notebook for this part of the journey a dedicate it to these various mind decluttering tasks. Brainstorm and get down on paper what brings you great joy. These... Continue Reading →

Day 8 Declutter your Makeup

Note: Any males following this 30day simplify your life challenge, I'd like to extend to you the oppertunity to take this day to declutter your category of choice. Let's get right to it. Makeup weather your not a huge makeup person or if you have a love for makeup and buy the newest products as... Continue Reading →

Day 7 Decluttering Social Media

Photo credit rawpixel Unsplash I low key was really excited for today. After decluttering my phone and really considering the apps I use and don't use. It made me realize that I waste a lot of time on social media as do we all... let's be real. The endless scrolling though... But, I jumped right... Continue Reading →

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