Day 25 Simplify Your To Do List.

Steps: Pick a tool Choose a space, perfect for to do lists. Be it an app, a note book, a sticky note. Whatever you prefer and is functional for you. Write today's to do list. One thing you must do, this will come from our big brain dump that we did yesterday. Then write 2... Continue Reading →

Day 23 Define Your Personal Style

In the past I was one of those who bought cloths just because they where on sale. I could ware anything and I did ware anything. But not everything was my style or my taste. I know I have gone on a full on rant about how things shouldn't define me. I still stick by... Continue Reading →

Day 22 Cull Your Goals

Goal setting for me, used to be sort of a enemy of mine. If I wanted to do something, I wouldn't even be able to call it a goal. For some reason as soon as I identified this particular thing I was working toward as a goal. The goal monsters would come out, the goal... Continue Reading →

Day 21 Show Gratitude

Gratitude is so important, I've written on how to show gratitude and the benefits here. After the heavy of yesterday, today is the day, dispite everything that goes on in life, to find things you can be grateful for. Even the thing that seem so small. Being grateful for the littlest things shows you how... Continue Reading →

Day 20 Identify Your Negative Beliefs

Caution we are going to delve into some highly personal and emotional, deep and heavy stuff here. So if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you hold out for tomorrow's post. I'm sure as you've gathered by this title we are stepping today, in unchartered territory. Scary-ville. The deepest darkest areas of the mind,... Continue Reading →

Day 19 Evaluate Your Commitments…

I have always, my whole life been a people pleaser. Although it is always nice to be kind, one of the draw backs of being overly kind is getting yourself committed to things that are really, actually such a drudgery. You end up being roped into or committed to things that each time your there,... Continue Reading →

Day 16 Figure Out What Lights You Up.

What brings you great joy? Today is the beginning of the decluttering you brain or mental space. It would be a great idea to get a specific notebook for this part of the journey a dedicate it to these various mind decluttering tasks. Brainstorm and get down on paper what brings you great joy. These... Continue Reading →

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