A New Agreement

This week I sort of speed read through the book The Four Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz. I like to read books twice so that I can grasp the full meaning of what the author is trying to convey. This book would be considered self help or a spiritual growth genre of book. In alot... Continue Reading →

Day 30 Celebrate!

So we have come to the end of the challenge today, instead of another assignment or task. Let me assign myself to a big old pat in the back. It truly is so important to acknowledge and stand in your great. When you have set out to do something and you did it you completed... Continue Reading →

Day 27 Practise Being Present

Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, really delves into the life changing effects of being present. He takes the reader on the journey of his life only briefly. Because, as he put it to dwell in the past is to dishonor the Now. One thing that really stuck with me about his... Continue Reading →

Day 20 Identify Your Negative Beliefs

Caution we are going to delve into some highly personal and emotional, deep and heavy stuff here. So if you have a weak stomach, I suggest you hold out for tomorrow's post. I'm sure as you've gathered by this title we are stepping today, in unchartered territory. Scary-ville. The deepest darkest areas of the mind,... Continue Reading →

Day 12 Declutter Your Linen

Summer time may or may not be the best time to declutter this area. Simply because I tend to use less linens at this time of year. Ergo, I might end up tricking my self into getting rid of something I might actually need, because I am not using it at the current moment. Or... Continue Reading →

Day 9 Declutter Your Products…

Photo credit Unsplash Whether it be hair, skin, nails, teeth the oppertunity to endow ourselves with products galore is impossible and nearly inevidable. There are a couple hundred serums for every inch of the body, and a couple hundred brands to compete with one another. I am one who doesn't go with out lotion, I... Continue Reading →

Day 6 Decluttering Your Digital Space.

In this age of digital devices this is actually a thing. Another space, to take the time to make space on your devices as well. These devices play an integral part of my life, replacing where telegrams and letter writing note taking and memorization once were. Now there is an app and a device for... Continue Reading →

Day 3 Decluttering Paper…

There will be some items that won't have much of and emotional aspect to decluttering them, expect for the freeing feeling that comes from getting ride of unnecessary stuff. Some may be a more practical or logical, shall it stay, or shall it go. Today the task is to take all papers, this means mail... Continue Reading →

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