Suffer with more Compassion

In my last post I touched lightly on the consept of suffering with compassion. This phrase to me is so deep I remember someone once telling me that they reached a point in there life where not having alot of money was ok with them, almost, they would rather live that way. But, it is... Continue Reading →

Return to Thankfulness

Today I was reminded about all the many benefits there are to being thankful. It's not that long ago I was on a thankfulness train and life was never more lovely. I even wrote about it here. Gratitude does work. Like most things in life, I got derailed. I still can acknowledge when things go... Continue Reading →

A New Agreement

This week I sort of speed read through the book The Four Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz. I like to read books twice so that I can grasp the full meaning of what the author is trying to convey. This book would be considered self help or a spiritual growth genre of book. In alot... Continue Reading →

Day 30 Celebrate!

So we have come to the end of the challenge today, instead of another assignment or task. Let me assign myself to a big old pat in the back. It truly is so important to acknowledge and stand in your great. When you have set out to do something and you did it you completed... Continue Reading →

Day 26 Plan A Self Care Day

It was just so perfect the 24th was my birthday and my day off, so what a perfect day to have a self care day. I kicked off today by sleeping in. I turned off all my alarms, put my phone on 'do not disturb' and slept until I woke naturally. Today my self care... Continue Reading →

Day 12 Declutter Your Linen

Summer time may or may not be the best time to declutter this area. Simply because I tend to use less linens at this time of year. Ergo, I might end up tricking my self into getting rid of something I might actually need, because I am not using it at the current moment. Or... Continue Reading →

Life Sometimes…

The ebb and flow of life Is that you are bound to have Low times. It's what you do at those low points That's what makes all the difference. Do you pray? Do you meditate? Do you journal? Do you make lists to help you pin point what's wrong? Do you show yourself even more... Continue Reading →

The fact of life

I have been in a bit of a rut lately So much to do and very little motivation Feeling overwhelmed by it all, And alittle scatter brained too. Sometimes you lose your way alittle bit, And get off tract or de-railed. But in those cases remember to go back to the basics Relearn how to... Continue Reading →

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