Being Strong.

"You never realize how strong you are, until being strong is your only option." -Bob Marley To feel betrayed is the same as feeling like your standing exposed in front of crowds of people. But, in that moment you have two choices be mortified or hold your head up high an remember you are stronger... Continue Reading →

All That Strain

Frantic You seem alittle frantic, But the wind is blowing an even, cool breeze. You seem alittle frantic But the clouds are billowing, almost like a painting. You seem a little frantic, On this beautiful spring like day. You seem alittle frantic, But the birds sing you a lovely tune. Stop and enjoy all that's... Continue Reading →

In my opinion

You can not run To escape the hands Of illiberality That would be inefficient Because It is tucked In every crevice It lurks at every turn The key is to learn to rise above it When they go low You go high!

I am

Photo credit: I am ready for love, but my love you remain faceless I am ready to conquer life with you, but my love you remain nameless I am ready to build our beautiful home with you filled with love and laughter. But my love you remain just outside of my actuality. I am... Continue Reading →

Our Best Lives

Back in 2017 I watched a very eye opening documentary on YouTube called Human by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It was eye opening to me because we are all doing the same thing, no matter where you are from we are all trying to live our best lives. Nothing is actually foreign, It's us who created lines... Continue Reading →

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