Day 13 Decluttering sentimental items.

A lot can fall under the categories of sentimental items. Be it clothing, shoes, jewelry, cards letters, notes, trinkets, old knitted aphgans that your grandmother made. The Idea of sentimental can be broad and wide. It's useful to include a question of sentimentality in your guiding questions as you go along with each section of... Continue Reading →


Day 12 Declutter Your Linen

Summer time may or may not be the best time to declutter this area. Simply because I tend to use less linens at this time of year. Ergo, I might end up tricking my self into getting rid of something I might actually need, because I am not using it at the current moment. Or... Continue Reading →

Day 11 Declutter Decor.

Basically today I took a walk around my space and gathered up anything I would consider decor. I guess it would be different foe everyone. But for me, my decor around my home consisted of plants, candles, picture frames, the cork board in my hallway to my kitchen that has decorative things on in, salt... Continue Reading →

Day 10 Decluttering Your Kitchen

Another one of those daunting tasks, the dreaded kitchen. Que some scary music in the background. Seems like no matter how big or how small a person's kitchen is...we find a way to cram things, just random things into ever nook and cranny. We should kick off this task by categorizing everything. By cleaning supplies,... Continue Reading →

Day 9 Declutter Your Products…

Photo credit Unsplash Whether it be hair, skin, nails, teeth the oppertunity to endow ourselves with products galore is impossible and nearly inevidable. There are a couple hundred serums for every inch of the body, and a couple hundred brands to compete with one another. I am one who doesn't go with out lotion, I... Continue Reading →

Day 8 Declutter your Makeup

Note: Any males following this 30day simplify your life challenge, I'd like to extend to you the oppertunity to take this day to declutter your category of choice. Let's get right to it. Makeup weather your not a huge makeup person or if you have a love for makeup and buy the newest products as... Continue Reading →

Day 7 Decluttering Social Media

Photo credit rawpixel Unsplash I low key was really excited for today. After decluttering my phone and really considering the apps I use and don't use. It made me realize that I waste a lot of time on social media as do we all... let's be real. The endless scrolling though... But, I jumped right... Continue Reading →

Day 5 Decutter Electronics

After awhile you must look behind your entertainment system, under your desk, behind your bed and in the back of your closet. All those cords and gadgets, devices and dodad's that you used while they were popular then deposited them somewhere you and no one else would look for a long time. Well, today we... Continue Reading →

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