Let’s get Deeper

Ok, I watch alot of YouTube. I admit. But it's not usually all the crap that floats around out there. I try to stay on the authentic and motivational path. Where ideas are shared and insight and intuition is articulated. And there are some pretty descent channels out there that spark my hunger to be... Continue Reading →

Hindsight is Twenty/Twenty 

...IF YOU COULD RIGHT A NOTE TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY.... Girl! the grass is not greener on any other side. So just water the grass you've got. I don't know how many of you are like me, who spent the majority of your life looking for joy somewhere else. Like as... Continue Reading →


"I will not pass on my suffering but my wisdom" Caroline Myss - This quote was from a Ted talk speech I saw on YouTube called "Choices that can Change your Life." I would have to say that, that speech was one of the most powerful and influential  speeches I have ever heard. Because all... Continue Reading →

This Year….

Every year we do this reflection thing, looking back on where we were at the beginning of this year and where we are now. Are we where we hoped or wanted to be? Maybe we end up reflecting on this year as a disappointment that we didn't get accomplished the things we set out to... Continue Reading →

Why did she leave?

This week, my boss quit. To much drama she said to many politics! She was just done. Funny thing is I can respect that if she felt she needed to go well I wasn't going to stand in her way not this time.  Yes, she was one if those who threatened to quit time and... Continue Reading →

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