I Am At Peace With My Journey.

I was doing an exercise last night where you make a list of all your limiting beliefs and then next to it write I am statements. Turning those limiting beliefs into a new powerful story about yourself.

Your supposed to lean into these statements, really feel them repeat and them over and over to yourself untill you start to believe it. Until  the statement become your new true story.

I could have filled my notebook with a slew of self deprecating, limiting, doubtful stories and belifes. Boy, I was on a role but you get to a point where it becomes a self pity fest and that’s not the goal. So, when I started listing my new I am statements, I was thinking, ok I know I’m supposed to feel it, really feel it. It almost wasn’t working. For a moment I thought I broke my desire to improve with all the self loathing talk. 

But then I wrote down, “I am at Peace with My journey” and woah… a different feeling came over me. I even had to say out loud. “Ha! I felt that one” instantly I got chills, my whole body went calm and a smile crept across my face. That’s it that’s feeling it isn’t it? I tryed to bask in that for a little while. 

You know that feeling you get at a theme park or a concert when excitement is high and you can’t even muster up the ability to worry about a thing in that moment? Well, that’s it, that’s how powerful our minds are and our mind sets. It really is possible for us to change our reality, if we want it. 

6 thoughts on “I Am At Peace With My Journey.

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I’m really trying to actively improve myself and decided to share what I learn along the way. I’m glad your enjoying reading. Thanks for stopping by☺


      1. reading these is helping me! I am new to this blogging but I love doing it! so here I am. but so far everything you have talked about I’m constantly thinking of. I’m happy you’re making the active efforts! nothing is better than making change

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      2. I’m so glad you have begun blogging, and I hope for you all the best! There can never be to many of us promoting change and living your best life. It means so much to me that you are able to relate to my posts. Thanks again, and Stay inspired🌺

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