Everyday Inspiration

Today was a cold miserable day. It rained that misty kind of rain all day long. From my foggy window the streets glistened with a thin sheet of wet as the occasional cars splashed by. No one was out. Not even the stray cats that  bustle our neighborhood.

It was a sleepy kind of day. Thank Heavens it’s a Friday, and for me no work and no place I have to be. So what do I do? Grab a book I am currently loving, some hot cocoa and bury myself under the covers. Oh and let’s not forget those cozy socks. Nothing like a Friday day lie in. #selflove.


I saw this quote a couple days ago. And I said yaass! That’s exactly what I needed to hear. A dear friend of mine told me, I need to take care of myself the work will be here. But, if you don’t take care you might not. It was exactly the sort of self love wake up call I needed. Even though I have been aware that I need to exercise self love I haven’t been really doing it. But these two words to the wise were enough. So, today on my rainy, miserable to go out in weather kinda day. I rested, and replenished.

Put on some slow jams. Took off my nail polish, did a face mask, and I drank lots of water. Journaled a little bit, and napped a little bit. When I woke up mind day with a bit of energy to expend I did what every girl living alone would do, I had me a little dance party. Yep, I sure did!

This is what I learned today. To stop thinking about everything else. Once a while we all need to take a step back to love ourselves so that we can better love and serve others. Showing gratitude for your current state of being is also an integral part of replenishing your self worth. Because when you are thankful, it opens your mind to seeing the bigger plan.

I remember I had read a book in the past where it talked about how some times certain things are brought into your experience to force you to be present. So recognize those thing and be thankful in that moment. He gave the example of walking down the street and a cat jumps out of no where pouncing to catch a butterfly taunting the cat with it’s agility and speed. Something as simple as that could have deliberately been put in your existence to bring you to be present because no time is more important then right now.

Instead of letting the weather drag me down with it. And this is a lesson I hope to bring with me in every scenario. I used it as an oppertunity to be present. To help myself now, so I can help others later. As I gaze out the rain drenched window and see the grey clouds that cover the sky, water streaming down the edge of buildings and earth soak with the bath of our eco cycle. I think of how blessed I am to witness such a phenomenon as rain. Where does it come from? And where will it go.

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