I used to laugh

until my stomach hurt,

I dolled out smiles

like free candy at the fair.

When we were young we had no care,

they called those the simpler days,

where we’d laugh and sang in the rain.

Summer was endless

and winter ended to soon.

When we would lay in the grass

and star up at the moon.

Made stories out of examining a rock,

and made castles out of an old box.

Today smiles produce more wrinkles,

I hear different laughs for different people,

it’s often too hot,

and the darn cold just won’t go away.

Less time is spent enjoying a day.

We care about every word another might say.

And from creativity and wonder we shy away.

What if we got or innocence back,

what if we lived life to the fullest with out lack.

What if we expressed unmoderated joy,

and hung on to love like a small child with his toy.

What if we greeted each day like a gift,

would we finally feel that shift,

that says this is bliss?

Take the time to appreciate the little things again.

A well lived life is rewarding in the end.

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