Day 29 Reflect

As it goes in any 30 day challenge, often there will be a time to reflect back to see how far you’ve come. Letting go of the physical thing in life can be hard and even scary. Often time when it’s not so hard, or scary that means you were totally ready for this kind of change.

That was me, I was very ready and I knew that around the corner from this change would be the life I always dreamed of living. Remember, this is an on going journey and even though I have essentially completed 30 days, I’m still going to make better choices for myself daily, because this is the kind of life I dreamed of living.

Today and hopefully everyday is the oppertunity to go back over your physical space, see if there was anything else that should be decluttered or, have you had suddenly a change of heart about a area you decided to keep all the stuff, and now you’ve decided “you know what I do wanna declutter this area.” Go ahead and do it.

Also, today go back over and of the massive goals list or to do list that we created and if you are ready, cross things you have accomplished off and set out to complete something else from your lists. Or was there a day in the challenge that you struggled with revisit it today. Even a day you really enjoyed like your me day. Do it.

I got ride of more clothes today that maybe pile that I put back in my woredrobe. I revisited it again, and decided I really didn’t need those things. I also read over the things I learned and the things that bring me joy I revisited my whole journey today and was re-inspired by how far I had come.

Acknowledging your accomplishments can go down for a thing that sparks joy for me. It’s always great to borrow from the past in order to reflect and remember that if you put your mind to it you can do it.

“Your greatest accomplishments start with one step forward.”

Photos courtesy of Unsplash

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