Day 26 Plan A Self Care Day

It was just so perfect the 24th was my birthday and my day off, so what a perfect day to have a self care day.

I kicked off today by sleeping in. I turned off all my alarms, put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ and slept until I woke naturally. Today my self care plan was to do absolutely nothing. 100% just be.

Every day I try to wake up early read something, get some meditation, yoga stretches, stream of consciousness journaling in. I do my affirmations while preparing for the day. I make my smoothie, eat my super healthy breakfast, and rush off to work.

My mornings are usually very productively me time. But, this day I planned my me day to almost be the complete opposite of my usual routine. Taking a page from another Youtuber called Rowena Tsa I broke my plans up into 4 areas of focus mind, body, space, and soul. And put one to two things under each category.

  • Mind

Put phone on do not disturb

Read a fiction book

  • Body

Soak in the bath

Do clay face mask / detox arm pit mask

  • Space

Defuse the essential oil that I’m loving at the moment

  • Soul

Dance to amazing music

Sit out in the sun

Thats just a few things I did.

Here is a list of other options :

  • Long hot shower
  • Journal
  • Go for a walk
  • Burn insane or a candle
  • Scrapbook
  • Set up your bullet journal
  • Meditate as long as possible.
  • Soak hands and feet in leak in lime detox water
  • Nap
  • Drink herbal tea
  • Paint your nails

The key to a real relaxing, and refreshing me day is not to fill your day full of self care stuff, that you find yourself busy being busy. Just relax, find a few things you have really been wanting to do, even if you only do 1 thing all day. The point is to enjoy your free time to yourself. If you have children this might not be a reflection of your whole day, but if at least you can get away just for 15, 20 minutes to just be. Do it.

I finished off my day by journaling, mostly because I love to journal. But also because I had some thoughts today I wanted to get down on paper. I learned that being able to be with yourself is very therapeutic. It’s great to be able to hear your own thoughts and navigate your own feelings. Learn how to stop agonizing over the menial things, but reach answers and conclusions to the matter. With the guidance and the knowledge you have obtained through this journey of self development. Taking the time to reflect on what you learned and how you can apply it is very vital.

Photos courtesy of Unsplash

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